What are you Looking for??


Power-House REALTOR® wielding a Business degree with Marketing concentration + Emotional Intelligence + Savvy Negotiating Skills and, the best part ... a SPIRIT of SERVICE to everyone involved in the transaction. This is what sets Team Tisha apart.

  • We are Full Time;
  • We have the experience. We are experienced in everything from Owner Financed deals to Short Sales and everything in between;
  • We make use of the latest and greatest in marketing technology;
  • We have a TEAM of Partners from lenders, inspectors, attorneys, electricians, roofers, movers and a pet sitter;
  • We are Always Learning, Always Growing, Always Striving to Work More Efficiently for you.

The Real Estate business requires the spirit of a teacher, the tenacity of an entrepreneur, the focus of a leader and the uncanny ability of conflict resolution. -- Tisha

This is Team Tisha. Passionate. Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Doing what we Love.