due diligence

Check that House Out!

So you're Under Contract now...


You probably have a week or so of Due Diligence (see definition).

You need to make absolutely sure that your new home is not located next door to a Child Predator or in an area that's crime-ridden. You also need to get a school report and should probably know if the home is in a flood plain.

Use the FREE tools below to get reports on all of these factors.

Are you in Flood Plain?

Being in a Flood plain means an automatic Flood Policy!  This is a Very Expensive policy. 

For many buyers who find their new home is in a Flood Zone, it's a Deal Breaker.  However, it is OK for portions of your property to be in Flood plain ... as long as the House is Not.

How are the Schools?

This is probably that most asked question.  The best answer is some leg work ...

Talk to the neighbors in your intended neighborhood.  Ask where the bus stops are and where the neighborhood kids like to convene.  Ask the questions that are important to you.

Child Predators living nearby?

This is probably the second most asked question.  If you have a family - You need to know.

Is there a lot of crime?

This is the next best thing to stopping by your local Police Precinct.  When you're researching your intended home, again, I'd suggest doing some leg work and talk to those neighbors.  In the meantime though, have a look ... .


Real Estate 101

Now that you're IN the market ...
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