Do you meet Initial
DPA program qualifiers?

A few Questions First ...

Are you a First Time Home Buyer or, not owned a home in 3 years?

Yup. No. I've owned before / recently.

Do you have a Credit Score of at least 640?
You'll also need a Debt to Income ratio of no more than 43% - Ask your Lender for this!

Yup! No. I still have some work to do!

Have you been Pre-Approved for the mortgage?

If not, Talk to a Lender!  Need a Recommendation?

Yes! I have my letter. Not yet.

Does your HOUSEHOLD Income exceed this amount?

Household Income will be ALL Income earned in the Household.

Yes. My Household makes MORE than this. No, my household doesn't make that much.

buying a homeIf you've just answered all the questions and ended up here ...
And there's a Welcome Home property available ...

Get your Offer in Quickly!!

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