What to DO during your Due Diligence

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Due Diligence is a Big Word for “Do Your Homework.”  
I can make suggestions but it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to FULLY INVESTIGATE for Potential Issues.

  • Inspect Property ...  Home - Septic - HVAC - Foundation (just to name a few)
  • Inspect Neighborhood ... School Ratings - Owner to Renter ratio - Potential Sex Offender - Area Crime
  • Inspect Area ... Traffic patterns - Flood Maps - Proximity to Shopping, Family, Work

Flood Plain

If your new Home is found to be in a Flood Plain, the Mortgage Insurance required by your Lender would be VERY expensive & make for a terrible Resale opportunity for you.

Area Crime

The Very best way to obtain this information is to make a call to Police Department.  Ask for Area Crime Report.

Crime Maps don't cover all areas, especially Walton and surrounding areas.

Registered Offenders

We shouldn't have to but ... You need to know.

This is the time to find out.  You can walk away from your contract for ANY reason ONLY during Due Diligence.

Contractors (and more) We Recommend

Your Resource to finding those folks you'll need to Inspect and Give Repair Estimates.

Everyone on this list has been Hired for other jobs - and We Like Them a Lot.