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Attention Agents - HOW to make an Offer on WELCOME HOME property

This is not your standard transaction.

  • The grant funds for buyers' DPA are underwritten FIRST.
  • Once Certification of Program Eligibility has been determined, THEN an Executed Contract will be awarded.

What you DO NOT submit with your offer MAY cost you the house!
You MUST Submit ALL documentation listed below:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (GAR preferred) INCLUDE appropriate Exhibits:

    • Community Association (if applicable)
    • Financing (FHA, Conventional or VA)

Offer/Application Template

  • Earnest money ($1,000 min.)

    • Held by Attorney (Stell Smith and Mattison, Lawrenceville)


  • Pre-approval letter from your Lender

    Suggested Lenders

  • Statement from Lender verifying the following:

    • Credit scores from three credit reporting agencies
      • must be 640 or greater
    • Debt to Income ratio does not exceed 43%
      • Lender will provide this

Lender Letter


  • Welcome Home Program's Pre-application form

Welcome Home Application


  • Certificate of Completion from 8-hour HUD housing counseling course

    • Proof that you are registered to take the course is OK

HUD Home Ownership Class

Incomplete offers WILL NOT be processed.

Tisha Rowland - Team Tisha's Lead Realtor

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Most Often Asked Questions

I've never heard of this Program, Who are they?

The Welcome Home Program is managed by The Lawrenceville Housing Corporation (LHC), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  In addition to providing affordable rental options, LHC's Welcome Home Program's was founded for the purpose of developing, rehabilitating, managing, and operating quality, affordable residential housing in Gwinnett County.

I have a Buyer who doesn't want to use the program, Do they have to use it?

YES.  The entire premise of this Program is to make available a renovated home to Low/Moderate Income families.

Can my Buyer pay cash for the house?


Do I get Cash back at Closing table from what's left over after applying $14,975?

NO. Funds will be applied to 1) Lender-required Down Payment, 2) Paying Costs to Close, 3)

What is Team Tisha's role?